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Staff Surveys Provide Valuable Feedback, Pandemic or Not

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No matter how closely you work with your staff, there are some things that aren’t openly discussed. Regularly conducting employee surveys brings these issues — and satisfactions — to light. Taking the pulse of the co-op is perhaps more important than ever and prioritizing surveys pays off for all involved.

Do You Know What Your Employees are Thinking?

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No matter how closely you work with your staff, there are some things they may not tell you. There’s a power balance, even though we don’t like to admit it. Your staff may not be afraid of anything so obvious as getting fired for expressing criticism. But they may fear a loss of comfort and friendliness around their boss. They may think, “Better not [...]

Employee surveys drive workplace improvements

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As the competitive environment continues to heat up around us, there is increased competition for employees as well as food dollars. By creating a continuously improving workplace environment where all voices are heard and feedback is taken seriously, co-op managers can help ensure that the competition doesn't lure away your talented, passionate and experienced employees.   Become a Better Employer An Employee Survey can [...]

Engaging your employees starts with asking good questions

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Every employer should be thinking about strategies to stay connected to your workforce. By taking opportunities to engage your employees, you help to ensure they will stay with your business for the long-term. What if you asked your employees how to make your workplace better? What if you knew what they hoped to accomplish in their work with your company? Imagine the possibilities! Group [...]

How do your employees really feel?

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Happy employees are productive employees. They offer your customers a great experience in your store. They are likely to stay longer, returning many times your investment in training them. They may even recruit friends to join your workforce. Knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are from the employee’s perspective is valuable information. Employee satisfaction surveys offer an opportunity to learn what your employees are [...]

Monitoring staff treatment using staff survey data

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CBLD Policy Template and other resources (links to the CBLD Library) GM Report Support: Staff Treatment Related articles in Cooperative Grocer Colter, Carolee, and Mary Courteau. “Counting on Co-op Employees.” Cooperative  Grocer #141, March-April 2009. Scholl, Marilyn. “The Board Role in the Accountability Stream.” Cooperative Grocer #130, May-June 2007.

Evaluations that inspire

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Mary Jones had reason to look forward with optimism to her upcoming performance review. She felt that over the past six months she had built a track record of good solid performance working as a cook in the co-op kitchen. She was consistently punctual, reliable, productive, and efficient. As a cooperative team member she had filled in many extra days during a coworker’s long [...]

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