The Abolitionists Challenge III

The Abolitionists Challenge III

Aug 12 | Online event

The Abolitionists Challenge, presented by LaDonna Sanders Redmond, is a movement for anyone who identifies as a cooperator and is interested in gaining an understanding of how they can commit to eliminating white supremacy in cooperative spaces and in the broader society.

As part of the movement, members in The Abolitionists Challenge will meet on a monthly basis over the course of 6 months for a guided discussion around books that explore issues of oppression and white supremacy in America. LaDonna will offer a program of directed readings, self-reflection and participation by cooperators in a program to help make cooperatives more actively engaged in bringing strength in our shared work in diversity, equity and inclusion. This will be a focused space in which cooperators will discuss the systematic structures of racism and the work people can do to dismantle them individually and in their communities.

Participants who attended the first session of the challenge are encouraged to renew their commitment to dismantling white supremacy by signing up for the newest session, which builds on the foundational elements they learned in 2020.

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Education is foundational for change. All are welcome.


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