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Rebating Superdividends to Members in the UK

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West Midlands Co-operative Society (WM) and Oxford, Swindon & Gloucester Co-operative Society (OSG) have recently merged to create the fourth largest co-operative society in the UK: The Midcounties Co-operative. They currently operate co-operative funeral services, co-operative childcare, retail stores, travel agencies, post offices and Motorworld. Superdividend has revolutionized the membership of The Midcounties Co-operative. Superdividend rebates members a share of the Society’s profits in [...]

Home-Grown Talent: A guide to promoting from within

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By Carolee Colter 122 January - February - 2006 Promoting leaders from among your existing staff offers a lot of advantages. Surprises are minimized—the person’s strengths and weaknesses are known quantities. Furthermore, you can reward and keep your good workers by giving them more responsibility and compensation instead of losing them to other careers. You send a message to the other staff that their [...]

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