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Keepin’ It Real: Co-ops in Turbulent Times

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Presented at the 55th annual Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) June 18, 2011 in San Diego, CA Keepin’ It Real: Co-ops in Turbulent Times Imagination and AlignmentBy Brett Fairbairn Fellow in Cooperative Thought and Ideas, Centre for the Study of Co-operatives Provost and Vice-President Academic, University of Saskatchewan Re-imagining cooperation. Imagination matters to cooperatives. What might be the best for the current generation of cooperatives [...]

From Food Desert to Food Oasis: How Co-ops Can Make a Difference

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Current discussions among food cooperatives often turn to the presence of food deserts in our cities and towns and what co-ops might do to address them. Mari coined the now-popular term to describe neighborhoods where mainstream grocers are distant. The statistically significant impacts on disease and life for people living in food deserts are well known. There won't be a single solution to the [...]

Engaging Owners at the Annual Meeting

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  Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli - Minneapolis, Minnesota At Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they saw the benefit of bringing members together over food. “If we promoted the annual meeting as ‘come hear from the board’ it would not be terribly compelling,” said Madeline Kastler, president of the board. “I believe framing it and treating it as a community event [...]

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