Monthly Archives: April 2012

Seeing the Cooperative Landscape, Growing the Cooperative Economy

Erbin Crowell, Executive Director Neighboring Food Co-op Association   Erbin describes a shift in perspective from "My Co-op" to "Our Co-ops," and helps us see the cooperative landscape and the cooperative economy. He shows the density of co-ops in New England and New York (almost 9.000!), and addresses the potential of cross-sector collaboration. A cooperative decade? Where do we start?

Cooperatives are Good for Cities

Russ Wille, Community Development Director City of St. Peter, MN   Another successful tale of cities and co-ops cooperating to everyone's benefit.  Mr. Wille takes us through the types of aid that were made available to the St. Peter Food Co-op, as well as the benefits to the city as a result of the partnership.

IYC 2012 and Beyond: The Cooperative Decade

Charles Gould, Director-General International Cooperative Alliance   Geneva, Switzerland   Mr. Gould is looking a little further out than 2012.  He sees IYC as a springboard into growing the cooperative business model for decades to come.