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Why does Participation Matter?

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CE Pugh, Chief Operating Officer National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA), Iowa City, IA   CE Pugh sheds his perspective, from the national level, on the importance of Participation in helping our cooperatives thive. There are many interesting questions we can explore if we look at data and trends from a national perspective and CE guides us along.

Participation and Anti-Oppression

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Shawn Furst, Development Manager People's Food Co-op, Portland, OR   Shawn and her team of ~30 Co-Managers take inclusivity and openness very serious when they talk about providing "Safe and healthy food for ALL". Hear how the collective management at People's Co-op in Portland has led to a lot of difficult and important work around breaking down barriers to food access.

Cooperation: It’s all Spirals & Rainbows

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E. Kim Coontz, Executive Director California Center for Cooperative Development Davis, CA Kim shares an integrative view of cooperation as she see in her work the overlapping of co-ops in many sectors organizing around the same co-op principles & values. She even shares a co-op song at the end. Careful, it's catchy!'

Great Idea: Hire a Professional Facilitator

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Realistically the board president can’t do everything. No matter how strong someone is at the role, having a hired facilitator may give board chairs the opportunity to lead with their strengths and address different governance needs. More boards are finding that hiring a trained facilitator has also helped make their meetings run smoother. A win-win for everyone. At Abundance Cooperative Market in Rochester, New [...]