Being Really Great Grocers

Being Really Great Grocers

  |  April 9, 2015

Kelly Wiseman addresses the question:  what do you do when the competition is planning to move in next door?  At Bozeman Food Co-op, they decided to take a hard look at their operations and marketing to make sure they were meeting customer needs and injecting excitement into their store.  “We looked at every angle of operations and asked, what could we possibly do to get sharper at every level?” said Wiseman.  In addition to investing in equipment and marketing, the co-op also focused on bringing more value to co-op owners by rewarding their shopping, and amping up customer service.  This tell it like it is video details how they went about their out-with-the-old in-with-the new-campaign, instilling urgency that they continue to sustain to this day with double-digit sales growth.

“We looked for everything that was decaying or frumpy and the rule was:  No Frump!”—Kelly Wiseman, general manager, Bozeman Food Co-op, Bozeman, Montana

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