Study Guide for Cooperative Values:  Fostering Racial and Economic Equity in Cooperatives

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Discussing each principle and value through the lens of racial and economic equity will provide a starting point for promoting a more inclusive and effective movement. This is a resource for boards of directors, management teams, and study groups who especially want to explore the impact of dominate white culture on co-ops, and who want to find a way to create a dialogue to [...]

Cooperative Acronyms

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4-in-3 — Four Cornerstones in Three Stages :A development model for food co-ops. 4PCG — Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance :A governance model for co-ops. ACBA — Austin Cooperative Business Association :a joint project between Austin-area cooperatives and the National Cooperative Business Association that aims to benefit and expand cooperative businesses in Central Texas. The ACBA plans to help increase the membership and profitability [...]

Understanding the Changing Landscape

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Dave Olson, of National Co+op Grocers (NCG) has a crucial message to get out to cooperators across the country.  Watch as Dave unpacks a ton of data, headlines, and graphs in order to give you a clear sense of where natural foods co-ops sit in the context of the broader natural foods marketplace.  It's a stark image, but one that Dave hopes will will either [...]