Leslie Watson

Leslie Watson

Leslie Watson

Governance, Startup Strategist
WatSin Enterprises, LLC


Areas of Expertise:

  • Coaching and support for new and experienced board leaders
  • Training and development for boards to support excellence in governance
  • Custom workshops and retreats to meet your co-op’s needs
  • Capital campaign strategy and technical support
  • Comprehensive bylaw analysis (i.e. preparatory to legal review)


  • Provided coaching and support for board leaders under complex circumstances
  • Worked with 20+ boards of directors during times of general manager transition
  • Supported Eastside Food Co-op in a successful $1M capital campaign, as part of a $6.5M expansion
  • Served 10+ years on the Eastside Food Co-op board through a period that included startup, financial distress, recapitalization, and eventual stability and growth
  • Founding organizer of the Northeast Investment Cooperative, formed to make cooperative investment in distressed commercial property in Northeast Minneapolis, www.neic.coop
  • Recipient of a 2013 Howard Bowers Award for Cooperative Board Leadership  

As a rookie board president, I count myself extremely fortunate that Leslie Watson is our long-time consultant. When I’ve needed counsel and guidance, she has been available and accessible to provide support. As our board changes, Leslie adapts her style to fit the current dynamics and has the flexibility of spirit to help our board remain skillfully engaged in the work we do for Cook County Whole Foods Co-op.

Lorrie Oswald, Board President, Cook County Whole Foods Co-op, Grand Marais, MN

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