Mark Goehring

Mark Goehring

Mark Goehring

Mark Goehring Consulting, LLC

Areas of Expertise:

  • Manager of Columinate
  • Cooperative governance
  • Ongoing management/board support
  • Development of tools and resources to support effective governance
  • Management in complicated and complex conditions


  • Created and sustained long-term relationships with general managers/CEOs and their board leaders, supporting them through the many phases and cycles of their work
  • Developed the Co-op Cafe concept building on the World Cafe model for supporting focused conversations on strategic topics critical for community development
  • Co-developed with Carolee Colter Columinate’s recommended process for setting GM/CEO compensation

Mark’s enthusiasm for governance and supporting the management/board relationship is inspiring! He saves us time and energy by bringing examples from his years of experience helping groups like ours. The collaborative nature of the consulting co-op is a huge benefit as well; Mark will often check with colleagues to bring insights and guidance from other experts in addition to his own. And when we are pioneering in our work, Mark contributes as a member of our team, listening and adding to our generative conversations. We’ve appreciated the long and productive relationship!

Ruffin Slater, General Manager, Weaver Street Market

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