Michael Healy

Michael Healy

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Michael Healy

Leadership Development

[email protected]

Areas of Expertise:

Coaching and supporting boards and managers/executives in:

  • Cultivating role clarity and healthy working relationships
  • Leadership development
  • Clear communications and reporting
  • Team-building
  • Democratic governance


  • Creating tools, resources, and processes that help leaders do their best work and accomplish their goals
  • Helping many boards and managers use data analysis to ensure that board members understand the financial condition of their cooperative business
  • Coaching many managers in reporting skills, so that they present clear and useful reports for their boards
  • Helping the top leadership team (i.e. board and management) of many co-ops successfully navigate expansion projects
  • Bylaw revision projects and policy development

Our Board has navigated increasingly complex decisions in recent years, and Michael has helped us develop — and stick to — processes that promote clarity and transparency in our decision making. Michael’s guidance is a crucial component to our success as a board.

Faye Conte, Board President, Onion River Co-op/City Market

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