Wynston Estis

Wynston Estis

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Wynston Estis

Co-op Retail Support

[email protected]

Areas of Expertise:

  • Project management for store resets, remodels, expansion and startup
  • Operations optimization to improve or restore profitability
  • Systems analysis and personnel assessment that strengthens operations
  • General Manager development and support
  • Over 20 years working with Natural and Mixed product Co-ops to create a culture to become the leading service in the market


  • Led many co-op’s through turnaround efforts to address areas of failing performance in operations; merchandising and promotion; financial systems; marketing and owner outreach; and board monitoring of financial and general manager performance
  • Partnered with co-ops that were able to successfully attract and hire a talented new general manager
  • Merchandise stores to address product flow, labor efficiency and optimum product mix to support maximum sales sustainability

As our interim general manager, Wynston’s exceptional supervisory and leadership skills led a store/staff/owner “turnaround” that resulted in improved profits and increased owner enrollment – quickly accomplishing what most businesses take years to achieve.

Mona Harmon-Bowman, Director, Fiddleheads Food Co-op

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