Cooperative Acronyms

Cooperative Acronyms

  |  December 10, 2015

  • 4-in-3Four Cornerstones in Three Stages :A development model for food co-ops.
  • 4PCGFour Pillars of Cooperative Governance :A governance model for co-ops.
  • ACBAAustin Cooperative Business Association :a joint project between Austin-area cooperatives and the National Cooperative Business Association that aims to benefit and expand cooperative businesses in Central Texas. The ACBA plans to help increase the membership and profitability of cooperative businesses, connect compatible cooperatives and raise awareness of the benefits of cooperatives among consumers, economic development organizations, and state and local governments.
  • CBJCooperative Business Journal :Trade publication of NCBA
  • CBLDCooperative Board Leadership Development :An integrated program that supports the continual development of food co-op boards of directors.
  • CCCDCalifornia Center ofr Cooperative Development :
  • CCMAConsumer Cooperative Management Association :Annual conference held every year in June for food co-op managers and directors from around the country. (Note: not an association, as the name might imply.)
  • CDFCooperative Development Foundation :Foundation located in Washington DC to support cooperative development. Funds managed include the Howard Bowers Fund established in memory of long time manager of Hyde Park and Eau Claire food co-ops dedicated to supporting education for managers and others in food co-ops. Also sponsor of the Cooperative Hall of Fame.
  • CDS (US)Cooperative Development Services :CDS provides organizational and developmental guidance to communities seeking to start new co-ops in all sectors of the economy and planning assistance to existing co-ops seeking to expand.
  • CDS CCCDS Consulting Co-op :A shared services co-op whose members are independent consulting professionals experienced in supporting and developing food cooperatives.
  • CGNCooperative Grocers’ Network :Non-profit association of U.S. and Canadian food co-ops that runs a website and, several listserves for cooperative grocers, and publishes Cooperative Grocer magazine. Formerly Cooperative Grocers Information Network (CGIN) and Cooperative Grocer.
  • CoCoFiStCommon Cooperative Financial Statements :Project of CoMetrics to help food co-ops develop common financial statement database and formatting to facilitate comparisons, benchmarking, and analysis tools. Formerly CoopMetrics.
  • CUNACredit Union National Association :National trade association for business services and advocacy for credit unions
  • CW!Cooperation Works! :A national network of cooperative development centers
  • DAWIDemocracy at Work Institute :The Democracy at Work Institute was created by the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) to ensure that worker cooperative development in economically and socially marginalized communities is adequately supported, effective, and strategically directed. It is the only national organization dedicated to building the field of worker cooperative development.
  • DFTADomestic Fair Trade Association :The Domestic Fair Trade Association is a collaboration of organizations representing farmers, farmworkers, food system workers, retailers, manufacturers, processors, and non-governmental organizations. Internationally, the Fair Trade movement has united farmers, workers, traders and consumers with a message of fairness, equity and environmental stewardship in trade with producers in marginalized countries.
  • FCIFood Co-op Initiative :A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the development of new food co-ops (Formerly Food co-op 500 [FC500])
  • FSCFederation of Southern Cooperatives :FSC works to develop self-supporting communities with programs that increase income and enhance other opportunities and assists in land retention and development, especially for African Americans, but essentially for all family farmers.
  • ICAInternational Cooperative Alliance :
  • ICDCIndiana Cooperative Development Center :
  • LEAFLocal Enterprise Assistance Fund :LEAF’s mission is to promote human and economic development by providing financing and development assistance to cooperatives and social purpose ventures that create and save jobs for low-income people. Since its founding over 30 years ago, LEAF has invested and leveraged over $91 million, resulting in the creation or retention of more than 6,600 jobs.
  • MAFCAMid-Atlantic Food Co-op Alliance :
  • NAHCNational Association of Housing Cooperatives :NAHC represents housing cooperatives, mutual housing associations, other resident-owned or controlled housing as well as professionals, organizations and individuals who work with and advocate for housing cooperatives.
  • NASCONorth American Students of Cooperation :
  • NCBNational Cooperative Bank :Provides financing of all types for cooperatives and their members
  • NCBA CLUSA — National Cooperative Business Association Cooperative League of the United States of America :Apex organization for US all cooperative businesses
  • NCBCINCB Capital Impact :Development arm of the NCB; handles “riskier” loans, new ventures, and start-ups.
  • NCDFNorthcountry Cooperative Development Fund :Co-op development fund established by upper midwest co-ops; serves as a financial intermediary for smaller loans and some grants for co-op development.
  • NCGNational Co+op Grocers :National business services association for food co-ops; organized as a cooperative NCGA services include joint purchasing, training, peer support and advocacy. (Formerly NCGA)
  • NCG DCNational Co+op Grocers Development Co-op :A wholly owned subsidiary of NCG dedicated to supporting cooperative growth and development.
  • NFCANeighboring Food Co-op Association :A cooperative of co-ops in the Northeast working together fro for a thriving regional economy
  • NRECANational Rural Electric Cooperative Association :NRECA is the national service organization for more than 900 not-for-profit rural electric cooperatives and public power districts providing retail electric service to more than 42 million consumers in 47 states and whose retail sales account for approximately 12 percent of total electricity sales in the United States.
  • NSACNational Society of Accountants for Cooperatives :Professional association for co-op accountants and financial professionals
  • NTCANational Telecom Cooperative Association :The Rural Broadband Association is the premier association representing nearly 900 independent, community-based telecommunications companies.
  • NWCDCNorthwest Cooperative Development Center :
  • OBMOpen Book Management :Open-Book Management is a way of running a company that gets all employees focused on building a better business through transparency, alignment, accountability, engagement, and culture.
  • P6Principle Six :The Principle Six (P6) Cooperative Trade Movement exemplifies just and equitable trade relationships between farmers, producers, retailers, and consumers rooted in cooperative principles and values. P6 is owned by and designed for grocery co-ops and cooperative food producers.
  • PACAPhiladelphia Area Cooperative Alliance :
  • POSPoint of Sale :Typically refers to the computer software system used to process sales to customers.
  • UNFIUnited Natural Foods Inc. :National natural foods wholesaler
  • USA CYCUSA Cooperative Youth Council :The purpose of the USA Cooperative Youth Council is to initiate, coordinate, promote, and participate in educational efforts and programs that empower youth to engage in the philosophy and practices of cooperation, especially as they relate to leadership development.
  • USFWCUS Federation of Worker Cooperatives :the national grassroots membership organization for worker cooperatives. Our membership also includes democratic workplaces, cooperative, developers and organizations that support worker cooperatives.

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