GM Report Support: Financial Conditions Monitoring

GM Report Support: Financial Conditions Monitoring

  |  January 4, 2015


CBLD_logo_full-transCooperative managers are charged with creating reports that demonstrate financial accountability to the board. Yet some managers struggle with having the right amount of information for their boards. When it comes to financial reporting what is the right amount? In the CDS Consulting Co-op Library in the GM Report Support section, managers can find templates for financial conditions monitoring reports that gives boards the valuable information they need. By utilizing charts and graphs that demonstrate the co-op’s financial health, the information is easy to understand and readily accessible to co-op directors.

The CBLD team has based these financial conditions monitoring report templates on what it has learned by observing and supporting many co-op boards and managers over many years. These templates are thorough, time-tested and easy to use. Managers will find templates for quarterly and annual financial reports, as well as sample data interpretations.

To use this valuable resource, visit the GM Report Support section of the CDS CC Library.

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