New Resource: Expansion Projects—Preparing Your Co-op for Successful Growth

New Resource: Expansion Projects—Preparing Your Co-op for Successful Growth

  |  May 2, 2013


Now boards and management groups can easily access the expansion planning advice of CDS CC consultant Bill Gessner, food co-op general managers and board presidents through our newest Online Recorded Workshop titled Expansion Projects: Preparing Your Co-op for Successful Growth.

In this video format, many of the frequently asked questions about expansion planning and strategic thinking for boards and managers can now be viewed multiple times, at no charge, and at your scheduling convenience. You’ll get an overview of expansion phases that will assist in preparation, organizing and educating multiple stakeholder groups. The video also addresses the series of decision points boards need to focus on in the process of an expansion. In addition to guidance, the video can give groups a framework for most efficiently utilizing professional services—saving the co-op time and money.

“This video is a way to get people thinking about the process of an expansion project. It shows each stage and how those culminate in major decision points,” Gessner said. “When groups get a sense of that, they often better understand the risks and responsibilities.”

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