“Planning and Financial Budgeting” Monitoring Report Template

“Planning and Financial Budgeting” Monitoring Report Template

  |  September 22, 2014

From September 2014

Our CBLD team recently updated our set of template policies (which you can find in “Sample Policies” section of the CBLD Library) to incorporate new learning and feedback from our client boards and managers. The new “Planning and Financial Budgeting” policy template was redesigned in order to help boards and managers focus attention on Ends accomplishment. Now, in the GM Report Support section of the Library, you will find a template monitoring report that matches the template policy. Among other things, this new report shows how the general manager can offer objective support for the feasibility of a big plan.

“Many co-ops are planning for growth… I like this new report template because it offers great suggestions that help boards and general managers talk about the connection between Ends policies and operational plans.”
—Michael Healy, CDS Consulting Co-op

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