Enroll in CBLD and join us for a board leadership training in 2021

Enroll in CBLD and join us for a board leadership training in 2021

and   |  December 8, 2020

In the wake of COVID-19, our robust Cooperative Board Leadership Program shifted all of its trainings and events to virtual in 2020. As the pandemic continues, we’re dedicated to continuing to safely provide our top notch education, trainings, and resources to our clients in 2021. Our first quarter schedule is now live, and it’s jam-packed with some of our established programs including Financial Training for Directors and Cooperative Board Leadership 101, as well as brand new offerings, such as Director Roundtables and Explorations in Governance.

Whether you’re a seasoned member or brand-new to the program, there’s something in our upcoming schedule for everyone. Review the schedule and save the dates. Registration is coming soon! And if you haven’t already, sign up for the CBLD 2021 program.  All of the events listed below are included in a CBLD enrollment. If you are not enrolled in CBLD, you can gain access to many of these events by paying a registration fee per-event, which ranges from $50-$150 per event.

**All events are at 7:30 p.m. EST and run 60-75 minutes unless otherwise noted.

January Events

Monday, January 18 – Director Roundtable: On Being a Board President

Saturday, January 23 – Virtual 101 (11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. EST)

Monday, January 25 – Why Do Female Co-op GMs Make So Much Less Than Men?

February Events

Monday, February 1 – Financial Training for Directors 1:  Understanding the Stakes

Monday, February 8 – Financial Training for Directors 2:  Financial Statements

Monday, February 15 – Financial Training for Directors 3:  Budgeting & Planning

Monday, February 22 – Financial Training for Directors 4:  Monitoring Financial Performance 

March Events

Monday, March 1 – Explorations in Governance 1:  Policy Governance Essentials

Monday, March 8 – Explorations in Governance 2:  Effective Monitoring Practice

Monday, March 15 – Explorations in Governance 3:  Policy Governance Puzzles

Monday March 22 – Explorations in Governance 4:  Leading through Crisis & Change

Monday, March 29 – Explorations in Governance 5:  Meaningful Representation:  What does it take to govern well on behalf of member-owners? 

About the Workshops

Director Roundtable: On Being a Board President

Throughout 2021, we will be hosting a series of director round table discussions for our CBLD clients. Rather than a formal training, these sessions will offer a chance for directors from around the country to connect, share ideas, and support one another in the good work of governance. We hope you’ll gather with co-op peers this quarter for a facilitated conversation about the joys and challenges of board leadership.

Virtual 101

Virtual CBL 101 is a half-day online version of our premier training for newly elected directors, board candidates, general managers (GM), and GM successors, exploring cooperative governance, financial condition of the co-op, roles and responsibilities, and co-op principles and values. The half-day session provides a strong base overview of: cooperative governance; financial understanding using the balance sheet; cooperative principles, values, and history; and legal roles and responsibilities.

Why Do Female Co-op GMs Make So Much Less Than Men?

Yes, it’s true.  HR specialist Carolee Colter’s recent study of trends in the national Co-op GM Compensation Database reveals a disturbing trend of gender disparity. At every size of co-op from the smallest to the largest, female GMs earn $10,000 to $25,000 per year less than their male peers in similarly sized co-ops. To understand the causes, Carolee followed up her data analysis with interviews of 30 female co-op GMs. Come hear Carolee break it all down and offer strategies for greater equity in GM compensation packages and practices.

Financial Training for Directors

This four-part series will help directors better understand their role in financial oversight and evaluating risk and build their confidence in doing that work well, regardless of their experience in business finance. We will explore the different dimensions of financial health, including how to look for both strengths and weaknesses.

Explorations in Governance

This multi-session series will examine various aspects of governance, including both practical skill-building as well as exploration of broader governance concepts and issues. Whether your board uses Policy Governance or another approach to governance, this series will offer thought-provoking ideas and powerful techniques to deepen your board’s effectiveness. Offered quarterly in 2021.

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