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Featured Video: Doug Hoffer—Why Grow Co-ops

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Ever wonder how an economist would coach you to talk about growing your co-op? Now’s your chance! In this five-minute video=, Doug Hoffer, economic researcher and the State Auditor of Vermont, does a quick download of most of the key talking points supporting the opportunity to grow our co-ops.   Hoffer points out that research supports the benefits of cooperatives in communities for the [...]

Why Grow Co-ops: The Social + Economic Benefits

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Doug Hoffer, State Auditor of Vermont   In terms that economists and policy-makers can appreciate, Doug Hoffer enumerates a handful (but certainly not all) of the benefits to local communities and economies of growing cooperative enterprises of all sorts.

Deliver the Benefits of Co-op Capitalization to Owners

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Our culture has a lot of beliefs about money that range from its worship to seeing it as the root of all evil. Food cooperatives especially have been historically conflicted about capital, once seeing it as the cause of destructive economic practices, to the point that raising money was once practically shunned. This left many cooperatives under-capitalized and some of them had to close [...]

Is the Economy an Angry God?

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Tom Webb, Manager Masters of Cooperatives and Credit Unions at St. Mary's University   Halifax, NS, Canada   Professor Webb has unique perspectives which he brings to the topic of the Cooperative Difference [chapter 1]. He shares with us his compelling vision for a truly Cooperative Economy [chapter 2].  And poses a challenge to help spread the cooperative model across all sectors [chapter 3]. [...]

Seeing the Cooperative Landscape, Growing the Cooperative Economy

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Erbin Crowell, Executive Director Neighboring Food Co-op Association   Erbin describes a shift in perspective from "My Co-op" to "Our Co-ops," and helps us see the cooperative landscape and the cooperative economy. He shows the density of co-ops in New England and New York (almost 9.000!), and addresses the potential of cross-sector collaboration. A cooperative decade? Where do we start?

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