Featured Video: Doug Hoffer—Why Grow Co-ops

Featured Video: Doug Hoffer—Why Grow Co-ops

  |  September 2, 2013

Ever wonder how an economist would coach you to talk about growing your co-op? Now’s your chance! In this five-minute video=, Doug Hoffer, economic researcher and the State Auditor of Vermont, does a quick download of most of the key talking points supporting the opportunity to grow our co-ops.


hoffer-video-415Hoffer points out that research supports the benefits of cooperatives in communities for the following reasons:

  • Local businesses buy local goods and services, recirculating money in the economy.
  • Cooperatives offer higher wages and full time work, contributing to the local tax base.
  • The integration of rural and urban economies supports both types of communities.

For these reasons he thinks that community leaders will benefit from working with cooperatives to create greater access to healthy food and better living. “Cooperatives increase wealth essential to community health,” Hoffer said.

“Co-ops are an integral part of the growing effort to remake the food system and this is no small matter because it challenges the status quo.”
—Doug Hoffer, Vermont State Auditor

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