Board Self-Evaluation: Monitoring your Board’s Policies

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Boards that want to provide the best leadership possible will regularly evaluate their own performance to highlight successes and areas needing improvement. Using your board’s stated policy agreements as the basis of your assessment offers one straightforward approach to self-evaluation.

Discussion and Process Guide for GM Evaluation

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This discussion and process guide is meant to accompany other documents related to General Manager evaluation in the Columinate library. Please reference these documents, and confer with your CBLD consultant where appropriate to devise a system that works for your cooperative. This process is based on the CBLD Policy Template D4 - Evaluating the GM. If your board has a different policy, be sure to follow the policy you have.

4 Pillars of Cooperative Governance Self-Assessment Tool

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Boards can use this survey tool to do a broad, self-assessment of their own work. It utilizes the 4 Pillars of Co-op Governance as an organizing lens with some broad, key characteristics to fit under each Pillar: Teaming, Accountable Empowerment, Strategic Leadership and Democracy. By asking team members to fill out the survey and then reviewing the data, a group can build a broader [...]

Making Ourselves Accountable: Board self-evaluation fosters reflection, constant improvement

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By Rose Marie Klee 150 September - October 2010 Board of directors’ self-evaluation is the act of reflecting upon the past in order to constantly improve. It is rooted in a sincere commitment to providing high-quality governance as trustees of an organization. When a board practices periodic evaluation, each director comes to better understand the expectations for individual directors, as well as the entire [...]

Evaluating the General Manager

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By Mark Goehring, Carolee Colter 143 July - August - 2009   A board evaluating the general manager (GM) of a food co-op…now there’s a process that directors should be able to describe, defend, celebrate and appreciate with little or no ambiguity or hesitation. In a recent online recorded workshop on GM evaluation, Thane Joyal and Carolee Colter laid out these four learning ­objectives [...]

GM Evaluation

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with guests John Hatton, board president, Brattleboro Food Co-op, and Sharon Murphy, GM at Whole Foods Co-op, Duluth

Evaluations that inspire

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Mary Jones had reason to look forward with optimism to her upcoming performance review. She felt that over the past six months she had built a track record of good solid performance working as a cook in the co-op kitchen. She was consistently punctual, reliable, productive, and efficient. As a cooperative team member she had filled in many extra days during a coworker’s long [...]

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