New Resource: Expansion Projects—Preparing Your Co-op for Successful Growth

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  Now boards and management groups can easily access the expansion planning advice of CDS CC consultant Bill Gessner, food co-op general managers and board presidents through our newest Online Recorded Workshop titled Expansion Projects: Preparing Your Co-op for Successful Growth. In this video format, many of the frequently asked questions about expansion planning and strategic thinking for boards and managers can now be [...]

Excite, Wow, and Spread

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Ruffin Slater, General Manager Weaver Street Market, Research Triangle, North Carolina   Simple steps for building community enthusiasm around your next growth project.

Re-Imagining Participation

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Ruffin Slater, General Manager Weaver Street Market, Research Triangle, North Carolina   Ruffin challenges us to re-think our concept of participation and what it can do for your cooperative.

Expansion Projects: Preparing your co-op for successful growth

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With Appearances by: Bill Gessner, Expansion Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op John Hatton, Board Chair, Brattleboro Food Co-op Alex Gyori, GM, Brattleboro Food Co-op Hether Jonna, Board Chair, People's Kalamazoo Chris Dilley, GM, People's Kalamazoo Margo O'Brien, GM, St. Peter Food Co-op Kim Davis, Board Chair, Three Rivers Market

At Outpost: Growth is Awesome!

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Pam Mehnert, General Manager Outpost Natural Foods Milwaukie-area, WI   At Outpost growth means serving its members better, and expanding the positive impact of the co-op on the local economy and community.

3 steps toward sustainable business growth

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In the midst of growth, leaders may see that they are outgrowing their structure and systems but feel so overwhelmed that they can’t imagine stopping long enough to make changes. Guess what? We will never feel like we have the time to make big changes. What’s the solution? Shift the workplace culture into one that views itself as a constantly expanding organization instead of [...]

The Growth Roadway

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By Art Sherwood 163 November-December 2012 Expansion and growth are on the minds of many cooperative board and management leaders. And this makes sense, since growing our cooperatives’ abilities to deliver on their organizational Ends is of critical strategic importance. It certainly was on our minds at Bloomingfoods Co-op (Bloomington, Ind.) this last year as we addressed growing to include a fourth store and [...]

Food co-ops: Where democracy, community & sustainability come together

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There has been a resurgence in food co-ops the past several years. People have different reasons for pursuing quality, nutritious, locally sourced food. The recent unstable economy has driven some families to be more selective about what they eat and some share a collective interest in sustaining their own control over their neighborhood businesses. Local co-ops have been enjoying expansions: Weavers Way Co-op, founded [...]

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