Distinguishing Characteristics: Utilizing the Power of Produce to Stand Out from the Crowd

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By James Morrell 190 May-June 2017 Keeping it fresh: a vibrant and fresh produce department is a key part of most natural food cooperatives, and a positive produce experience is the primary reason given by shoppers for their choice of a specific store or location. A healthy produce department offers a great foundation for overall store success and is an effective way for a store [...]

Civic Involvement in Co-op Development

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Madeline Rogero, Mayor City of Knoxville, TN Mayor Rogero tells an important story about the partnership between the Three Rivers Market Co-op and the City of Knoxville.  The results of that partnership have been fruitful for all involved including the members, the citizens, the co-op and the City.

Food co-ops: Where democracy, community & sustainability come together

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There has been a resurgence in food co-ops the past several years. People have different reasons for pursuing quality, nutritious, locally sourced food. The recent unstable economy has driven some families to be more selective about what they eat and some share a collective interest in sustaining their own control over their neighborhood businesses. Local co-ops have been enjoying expansions: Weavers Way Co-op, founded [...]

Wheatsville – Austin iLab

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Our series on innovative co-operative organizations in Austin had to cover what is probably the largest and longest-running co-op in central Texas. The Wheatsville Food Co-op began operations in 1976 and has been one of the outstanding features of Austin’s food community ever since. We met with Rose Marie Klee, President of the Board of Directors, to learn more about the history of Wheatsville [...]

When Local Government Cooperates

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Clem Nilan, General Manager City Market Onion River Co-op   Ed Antczak, Economic Development Specialist City of Burlington Community & Economic Development Office   Look at what is possible when there's the political will to cooperate! The City of Burlington, VT, and the Onion River Co-op, in a brilliant display of cooperation on a civic level, have forged a partnership now 10 years strong.