Expansion Projects: Preparing your co-op for successful growth

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With Appearances by: Bill Gessner, Expansion Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op John Hatton, Board Chair, Brattleboro Food Co-op Alex Gyori, GM, Brattleboro Food Co-op Hether Jonna, Board Chair, People's Kalamazoo Chris Dilley, GM, People's Kalamazoo Margo O'Brien, GM, St. Peter Food Co-op Kim Davis, Board Chair, Three Rivers Market

Ends to Ends Strategic Process

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  Chapters: Overview Ends to Interpretation Interpretations to Strategic Planning Planning to Action Ends Reporting Communicating Ends Accomplishment     Note: Click to view all chapters        

De-Mystifying Ends

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Table of Contents (links to youtube) Chapter 1: Governance = Accountability and Empowerment Chapter 2: Understanding Ends and their Role in PG Chapter 3: How to Write Effective Compelling Ends Policy Chapter 4: Effective Ends Policies: "Before & After" Chapter 5: Summary & Resources  

Monitoring staff treatment using staff survey data

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CBLD Policy Template and other resources (links to the CBLD Library) GM Report Support: Staff Treatment Related articles in Cooperative Grocer Colter, Carolee, and Mary Courteau. “Counting on Co-op Employees.” Cooperative  Grocer #141, March-April 2009. Scholl, Marilyn. “The Board Role in the Accountability Stream.” Cooperative Grocer #130, May-June 2007.

Perpetuating a Strong Board

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A director should be equally as concerned with the future of the governance of their co-op as they are with the issues of the present day.  Recruitment and orientation of new directors is the role of all board members, all year long. This Online Recorded Workshop gives thorough walk-through of the processes, and high-level thinking required for healthy board recruitment. [...]

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