Perpetuating a Strong Board

Perpetuating a Strong Board

  |  July 22, 2009

A director should be equally as concerned with the future of the governance of their co-op as they are with the issues of the present day.  Recruitment and orientation of new directors is the role of all board members, all year long. This Online Recorded Workshop gives thorough walk-through of the processes, and high-level thinking required for healthy board recruitment.


Board Candidate Application packet Wheatsville
Filename : board-candidate-application-packet-wheatsville.doc (134 KB)
Type : Document
Board Candidate Packet-Community Mercantile
Filename : board-candidate-packet-community-mercantile.pdf (601 KB)
Type : Document
board compensation ideas
Filename : board-compensation-ideas.pdf (215 KB)
Type : Document
Candidate questions sample
Filename : candidate-questions-sample.pdf (84 KB)
Type : Document
governing style policy sample
Filename : governing-style-policy-sample.pdf (41 KB)
Type : Document
Filename : new-board-member-checklist.pdf (20 KB)
Type : Document
nominations and elections process timeline sample
Filename : nominations-and-elections-process-timeline-sample.pdf (41 KB)
Type : Document
nominations committee charter sample
Filename : nominations-committee-charter-sample.pdf (37 KB)
Type : Document
orientation materials list sample
Filename : orientation-materials-list-sample.pdf (39 KB)
Type : Document
Perpuating a strong board
Filename : (916 KB)
Type : Archive
recruitment packet materials list sample
Filename : recruitment-packet-materials-list-sample.pdf (34 KB)
Type : Document
Webinar slides for Recruiting and Orienting New Directors
Filename : webinar-slides-for-recruiting-and-orienting-new-directors.pdf (501 KB)
Type : Document

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