policy governance

Policy Governance Implementation

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This Field Guide outlines the basic steps, timeline, and critical factors for successful implementation of Policy Governance (sometimes referred to herein as “PG”). When implementing Policy Governance, it is important to move forward relatively quickly in order to not lose momentum, while taking enough time to make thoughtful and informed decisions.   Main Steps for Implementing Policy Governance Investigate – Learn about Policy Governance [...]

Maintaining the Governance Position in Grievance Procedures

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How can the board express its values regarding staff treatment, and hold management accountable and be accountable to the member owners without getting directly involved in HR and staff issues? Human resource and staff issues, in particular, staff grievances, can become emotionally charged, affecting relationships throughout the cooperative and community. We advise that the board use a standard process of: set pre-established criteria assign [...]

Acting on Ends Reports

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When a board receives an Ends monitoring report from their manager, a thoughtful process can transform the report from just another document to file away into a valuable resource that helps the board, the manager and the co-op’s member-owners better understand the “story” of their co-op. The board wants to know: Does the report demonstrate reasonable accomplishment? Are we on track for multi-year goals/targets [...]

Management Evaluation Under Policy Governance

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By Marilyn Scholl 084 September - October - 1999 The relationship between the board and the general manager is probably the most important relationship in a co-op. To be successful, a cooperative needs a strong manager AND a strong board AND a strong, effective relationship between the two. In 22 years of working for and with food co-ops, I have seen too many examples [...]

Using Policy Governance to Improve Board Leadership

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By Marilyn Scholl 078 September - October - 1998 Food cooperatives around the country are talking about Policy Governance -- a system of board leadership developed by John Carver. While people are drawn to the simple logic behind Policy Governance, it is quite different from previous board experiences. Governance is an important job and should be done well. As the Food Front Cooperative board [...]