Ambitious Community Outreach Yields Big Results

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Common Ground Food Co-op Urbana, IL Year founded:  1974 Number of members:  5,800 Member equity:  $60 Number of employees:  95 Retail square feet:  8,000 Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana, Ill. has been one of the fastest-growing food co-ops in the country.  When they moved to Lincoln Square Mall, their expansion plans included a comprehensive approach to community outreach, customer service and education that [...]

Stayin’ Athrive

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At Outpost Natural Foods they've achieve success by growing their co-op too reach a wider portion of the market and to create increased access to healthful foods for much of the Milwaukee area. Hear from their GM, Pam Mehnert, some valuable insights and first-hand reports about what has worked well for Outpost on their journey through growth.

Competitive Landscape Montage pt. II: THRIVE

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Hear from 5 different GMs as they answer the question" What will it take for your co-op to thrive into the future?  What should we take with us?  What should we leave behind on the journey?" Rita York Hennecke, Community Mercantile, Lawrence, KS Dan Gillotte, Wheatsville Co-op, Austin, TX Steve Watts, Los Alamos Food Co-op, Los Alamos, MN Ben Kuzma, Boise Food Co-op, Boise, [...]

Co-ops THRIVING into the Future

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Informed by the high-level perspective he has from working with a wide array of co-op boards throughout the U.S., Mark Goehring of CBLD fame, has some sage words for co-ops and cooperators everywhere.  He breaks his talk down into 4 key points: Roles, Transparency, Change, and Growing Co-ops vs. “Going Corporate.”  Mark discusses the question:  What is bold leadership going to look like?  In [...]

Community-Owned, That’s the Difference!

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Sharon Murphy brings the motto of Whole Foods Co-op in Duluth, "Community Owned, that's the difference".  Learn how WFC has been able to sustain growth and expansion in service to their community of owners.  Store Manager Sarah Hannigan brings to bear her own background as a community organizer to her new task of managing a community-owned grocery co-op.