The Anti-Racism Movement in Public Schools

The Anti-Racism Movement in Public Schools

and   |  September 28, 2020

Now more than ever communities are aware that racism is an issue that needs to be addressed. This issue impacts all of us including, and especially, those in our public school systems. Are the public schools in your community pursuing equity, inclusion and belonging? Many school systems are now making this investment like never before. In this conversation, Columinate Consultant Darin Short speaks with Columinate’s own Amaha Sellasie and Amaha’s fellow professor and colleague Christa Agiro. They discuss the foundations necessary for framing, shaping and sustaining an equity and inclusion mindset and culture within public school systems.


Contact Darin Short and Amaha Sellasie if you would like to explore how you can support your local school system with this work. Don’t let your school system be left behind.

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