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3rd Jul, 2019

Cooperative Board Leadership Development Program (CBLD)

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It’s Time to Enroll in CBLD 2023! Enrollment Now Open Our Cooperative Board Leadership Development (CBLD) team is looking ahead to another great year of supporting your organization’s success through our award-winning CBLD program. Now in its 19th year, CBLD provides an annual program of board support that includes monthly consulting, facilitated board retreats, a wealth of online webinars and other [...]

1st Mar, 2013

Deliver the Benefits of Co-op Capitalization to Owners

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Our culture has a lot of beliefs about money that range from its worship to seeing it as the root of all evil. Food cooperatives especially have been historically conflicted about capital, once seeing it as the cause of destructive economic practices, to the point that raising money was once practically shunned. This left many cooperatives under-capitalized and some of them had to close [...]

7th Apr, 2022

What to Know About Owner Capital Campaigns

By |2022-04-07T12:55:46-04:00April 7th, 2022|

Raising capital is especially important for cooperatives, which don’t have a typical ownership structure that banks or lenders are used to. Mobilizing the co-op’s membership to raise funds through an owner capital campaign can be an excellent strategy.

9th May, 2018

Capital Campaign Funding Builds Expansion Momentum

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The town of Astoria, Oregon has a strong independent streak. While other nearby areas are overrun with chain stores, their town has not sustained that level of attention or development. That doesn’t mean the 10,000 people who live there don’t want nice amenities, efficiency and convenience. The difference is that they are willing to create those opportunities for development from within their own community.