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Virtual Annual Meetings Field Guide

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In the wake of the pandemic, the customary way of doing many things has been upended.  For co-ops, the list of adaptations extends to how we engage with members, including our approach to the time-honored (and legally required) tradition of the annual meeting. We've prepared a field guide to help you plan for a shift to the virtual realm for your annual meeting this [...]

New GMs and What They Need

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Three Profiles: How Columinate can help new food co-op GMs   When a co-op board hires a new general manager, the directors know that there’s seldom an “ideal candidate” out there waiting. Instead, they choose the candidate who offers the best potential to meet the specific qualifications that the board has decided will advance the vision for their co-op. Since boards often realize that [...]

Virtual CBL 101 Resource Guide

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Download the CBL 101 Reader History, Principles, and Values “Cooperative Principles Updated,” by Ann Hoyt, available on p. 14 in the Reader. “Rochdale Pioneers and the Cooperative Principles,” by Brett Fairbairn. From The Meaning of Rochdale: the Rochdale Pioneers and the co-operative principles, (Canada: Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, University of Saskatchewan), 1994. Collective Courage: [...]

Managing Co-op Financials During and After a Pandemic

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How can co-op operations leaders begin to be innovative about what it will take to manage finances wisely during and after the COVID-19 pandemic – whatever “after” will look like? No one can accurately predict what the future of the co-op grocery world will look like, but Columinate consultants are on the leading edge of figuring out what can stay the same and what [...]

Supporting Your GM During a Pandemic

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How can a Board and individual directors support their GM during a pandemic (or other crises)? Most of what you will find here will be generally useful even in “normal” times. During times of great crisis, these guidelines become even more important.   Stay steady. Continue with your existing board work plan and responsibilities -- except when it makes sense to make exceptions. Stay [...]

Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings

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Boards of Directors may find that they need to conduct a board meeting by phone or using some variation of video conferencing technology. As you consider how to make these virtual meetings as effective and enjoyable as possible, you can build on the same good practices that make for productive face-to-face meetings. You can find some good guidance in A Recipe for Good Board [...]

Everyone Welcome Chatinar

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The authors of Everyone Welcome? Personal Narratives about Race and Food Co-ops believe that bridging the racial divide starts first with encouraging inquiry and engagement that leads toward greater awareness, problem-solving, and embracing radical change.  They know starting and sustaining conversations about race are not always easy.  Being inclusive in our workplaces, board rooms and community organizations requires the willingness and skill to talk about race.  [...]

Re-Energize your Co-op Culture

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There are over 40,000 co-ops operating in the USA employing almost 1 million people. Few of those employees have had any formal training on the cooperative business model. This brief “chatinar” led by Columinate consultant Adam Schwartz is designed to introduce you and your colleagues to some of the key steps organizations can take to ensure you are using your cooperative structure as a [...]

Discussion and Process Guide for GM Evaluation

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This discussion guide is meant to accompany the process for Evaluating the General Manager  described in the Cooperative Grocer article published in July/August 2009. Please review article that before implementing this guide. This process is based on CBLD Policy Template D4 Evaluating the GM. If your board has a different policy, be sure to follow the policy you have. Under Policy Governance the board [...]

GM Report Support

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The CBLD Policy Template GM Report Support Compilation GM Report Support By Policy Video Guides About the GM Report Support Project In 2005, GMs asked for support and the opportunity to collaborate [...]