Carolee Colter

Carolee Colter

Carolee Colter

Human Resources for Boards & Managers
Carolee Colter Consulting

Areas of Expertise:

  • Employee satisfaction and engagement surveys
  • HR consultant to boards, including general manager hiring, compensation, and evaluation
  • Troubleshooting personnel problems
  • Supervision training and team-building for management teams


  • Managed a general manager hiring process, taking care of administrative details, leaving the board free to concentrate on the big decisions, resulting in a great hire
  • For 20 years, provided annual shift lead training for a large retailer, ensuring consistent expectations and skills for shift leads across departments
  • Developed a three-part framework for addressing employee complaints brought to the board of directors
  • Conducted an audit of human resources systems to ensure legal compliance, board policy compliance, administrative efficiencies and potential for taking HR to the next level

BriarPatch has been working with Carolee for over ten years. She has been an invaluable resource in ensuring that we have a cutting edge human resources department, a well-supported Board of Directors, an effective management team, and an engaged, and satisfied staff. Her integrity and depth of professional knowledge are critical assets in our efforts to grow and evolve our cooperative. We consider her a close partner in our ongoing work to change the world for the better.

Chris Maher, General Manager, BriarPatch Food Co-op

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