James Morrell

James Morrell

James Morrell

Operations, Leadership, and Team Solutions
Collaborative Ops, LLC


Areas of Expertise:

  • Cooperative solutions for people, organizations, and the food system
  • Operational improvement, staff training, and team-building
  • Fresh produce program development, systems, merchandising, training
  • Interim general manager solutions, general manager support, and leadership development
  • Locally focused food system development, procurement strategies, and category management
  • Staff engagement surveys, and talent development


  • Managed merchandising and display refresh of produce departments that increased sales, productivity and customer engagement
  • Conducted department assessments of multi-store cooperatives, which identified areas of opportunity for growth, training and staff empowerment
  • Provided tools and support for increased productivity
  • Created new general manager coaching and support promoting organizational leadership, team-building and professional development
  • Developed staff trainings that support successful produce program operations and local food system development

James served as our interim general manager and paved the way for a successful general manager hire, and onboarding/transition process. James’s communication and work style is open, direct, respectful and frequently uplifting. James saw the potential we had, encouraged our development, and was a thorough interim general manager. His reset of our produce department also was a soaring success, helping turn around negative trending sales growth in that department, and giving a much-needed face-lift, as well as operational efficiencies and best practices in the fresh department. I would gladly work with James again and would count on his willingness to give 110% to any project we might embark on.

Matthew Epperson, Human Resources Manager, Daily Groceries Co-op

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