New Resource: Starting Off Right with Your New General Manager

New Resource: Starting Off Right with Your New General Manager

Carolee Colter, Thane Joyal, Mark Goehring | 10-02-2013

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    This is a thorough introduction to developing a good working relationship as a board with the co-op’s new general manager. The objective of the workshop is to show how to integrate a new general manager into the leadership team, set clear expectations, evaluate the general manager at regular intervals throughout the year, and to maintain an honest and open dialogue. This workshop provides crucial information to boards and managers as they continue to build on their work together.

    Presented by:

    • Carolee Colter, CDS Consultant
    • Thane Joyal, CBLD Board Consultant
    • Mark Goehring, CBLDConsultant

    Guest Panelists:

    • Melanie Reid, GM, Just Food Co-op
    • Terry Bowling, GM, La Montañita Co-op

    You can:

    “What do you do when the general manager is new? We developed this online recorded workshop to put tools in the hands of boards to evaluate how the general manager is doing and to support that person.”
    —Carolee Colter

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